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Events for the Spring and Summer!

See all the events listed below. As we get more information we will be posting the information on this page. So keep it as a bookmark.

Baby lambs!

Lucy2 Mommy and Babs




Here are our heritage turkeys! Heritage Turkeys

Wine Tourism day comming this summer!

Wine Tourism Day!

May 11th, 2013 is Wine tourism day. Get your free glass with a purchase of any bottle while supplies last!

Manitou Winefest!

Check out Manitou winefest and purchase your tickets early!

Urban Winefest!

Check out Urban winefest and purchase your tickets early!

Come visit us at El Paso County Fair! We will be showing our Poultry and Sheep projects. We will be closed those days! We will be also showing at the State Fair!


Check out Bootstraps winefest and purchase your tickets early!

Uncork the season!

Get ready for the gift season! Check out from our own county! We will either post the information here or on the county site!